DFS Sponsorship

One Way to Stop Violence in the urban and disinvested communities is through Economic Development!

Our membership drive (or goal) is to raise funds without relying or depending on government grants, exclusively to address the blight in our communities. These funds will be used to develop, train, employ ex-offenders and our troubled youth who have created havoc via violent crimes ultimately becoming a nightmare throughout the urban and inner cities nationwide. Many crimes are senseless, however most of these violent crimes are related to the absence of jobs and economic opportunity.

Become a champion of this cause by becoming a member!

We have 3 basic memberships:

  • The peoples membership- 1 year $20.00
  • The community membership- 3 years $50.00
  • The civic membership – 6 years $100.00

Each membership receives a 20% discount on all Behr paint at home depot according to the duration of the membership. Additionally, those memberships will be used to create opportunity for our ex-offenders and our troubled youth.

Your sponsorship will provide us with equipment and materials to service our workforce and development needs. We are seeking sponsorship to address Anne E Casey’s report to reduce juvenile incarceration. Anne E. Casey report’s $88k per year to incarcerate our troubled youth. You can get this report from www.aecf.org.

Your sponsorship will create a window of opportunity that will close the door on juvenile recidivism. Per every $1000.00 sponsorship, we will be able to train and employ one troubled youth within a 40 hour workweek.
Community sponsorship: $1k = 40 hrs of employment & training
Corporate Sponsorship: $10k = 400hrs of employment & training

Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois is requesting $30M to lock up troubled youth. $30M used wisely and responsibly could create training and employment opportunity which would reduce crime and violence in the urban community.


Become a corporate or community sponsor today! Assist us in addressing and creating opportunities that bring about solutions for the crisis’ that plague the urban communities.


Become a community partner. Investing in the community development fund is designed to attract people with resources. The community investment fund will grow an investment 9 points higher than a general CD. This investment will yield a per annum return of 10% payable monthly, quarterly, biannually or which ever program you select for payment.

The CDF fund is designed to create wealth for our investors, housing for low income families, and employment and training for our troubled youth and ex offenders. In addition, neighborhoods would be stabilized one block at a time without relying solely upon loans from banks and government programs to revitalize and establish our communities.

This can only be accomplished due to the housing crisis. We have a short window of opportunity to maximize growth potential. For investment information please contact us via email at dennisdoforself@hotmail.com or call (773) 356-7661.

For information on how to participate, please contact us or Become a Member at a level that extends your capability to make a difference where it counts, in the lives of the disengaged and the disadvantaged.