Business, Employment & Training (B.E.T.) Initiative

Our B.E.T. initiative creates a work force that is experienced and prepared. This is achieved by developing personality based strengths into job-specific skills. We target the following core skillsets and traits.

  • Trades and Skills, with a focus on detail while being able to follow directives.
  • Organizational Skills, including excellent listening skills, with the ability to properly manage constructive criticism.
  • Kind Character and Enthusiasm, supporting an earnest desire to be helpful in a team environment.

BET Training Stages

Our program has continued to be successful due to our multi-staged training process that paces employee education. We work diligently to instill our organizations values and ideals of working to develop people and communities.


TRAVIONLaborer - MDC Economic Development Corporation
“It changed my life, I’m not out here in these streets. I don’t have to rob, I don’t have to do anything unnecessary. I got a whole career thanks to this man.”
ANTONIOLaborer - MDC Economic Development Corporation
“All I saw was the things around me, the gangs and drug dealers, so I began to get involved in those things. This is an opportunity I wasn’t even aware of.”
DESHONLaborer - MDC Economic Development Corporation
“There are things I had to do that I don’t even want to tell my mother about. But because of this opportunity, I don’t have to do those things anymore. We need more opportunities like this.”

DFS by the Numbers

Our numbers say it all.

Many don’t expect much in terms of the performance of the people we employ. With our training program, the quality of our work has exceeded most other contractors. Our spirit of precision goes into our work and is instilled in the craftsmanship of our staff.

Before and After

Our employees work diligently to bring about the highest quality as it’s the DFS expectation. We not only advocate them doing the job, we train and instill in them to do their job with the best of quality.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization and your contributions mean all the difference in what we are able to accomplish. Please donate to empower this program.

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