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Do For Self CDC has a rich legacy. Through it’s work since the mid 90’s, there have been dozens of News articles from major publishers documenting the work of Do for Self. Articles from the Chicago Sun-times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Defender, and more chronicle how Do for Self has impacted hundreds in people in Chicago. Here you can find updates on DFS and DFS news.

Here, we also present articles and news on Do for Self’s current progress as we make waves in the South Chicagoland Area. Our work speaks for itself, but we’ve documented our progress with photography and video for you to stay informed.

A Proven Legacy

In 1993, Dennis Muhammad, a protégé of Muhammad Ali, asked “the people’s champ” to sponsor a concept that would create business, employment and training (B.E.T.) opportunities for residents of public housing, troubled youth and ex-offenders of low and dis-invested communities.

In 1994, Dennis saw a need to set up Do for Self CDC to run and manage the program under the Muhammad Ali Development Corporation. Do for Self worked in the background due to Ali’s world-wide notoriety as a celebrity and humanitarian and his ability to captivate the support of the public and private sectors. Ali’s charisma helped to magnify the need to champion this cause.

Dennis asked the champ for the use of his [Muhammad Ali] name for three-years and Ali gave his permission for seven. With Ali’s support and God’s will, we managed to create employment and training for ex-offenders, rival street gangs, troubled youth and low income residents without government grants.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization and your contributions mean all the difference in what we are able to accomplish. Please donate to empower this program.

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